How To Be Investable

Being Investable is about building companies and teams that uncover operational inefficiencies, overcome obstacles, and work for a better tomorrow. Investors want to put their money behind these types of people.

Many of the traits of investable entrepreneurs can be learned and developed, this is exactly why we created this course.

BUT, at the end of the day, if an investor doesn’t like YOU, it doesn’t matter how great your company is. An investor is investing in YOU, and if you don’t have character and poise, you’re going to lose to the entrepreneur who does.  Investors want to know that you’re resourceful, but most importantly, Investors want to know that you’ll make the right decisions when they’re not looking.

We work with entrepreneurs to show them how to effectively use the resources they already have at their disposal (time, energy, and social capital) to create higher leverage for their financial capital!  We’ve worked to break down the process into bite sized, digestible concepts that any entrepreneur can understand and implement.

Our Investable Programs are designed for people looking for a training program that dives deep into how investors think, what they look for in portfolio companies, and how entrepreneurs can adapt to build investable teams.

The biggest problems entrepreneurs face today is finding the resources they need to take their business to the next level.  It just so happens that MONEY is the most readily available resource that can expedite entrepreneurial growth.

Most entrepreneurs NEVER GO OUT AND RAISE money because they’re afraid, they have a bad relationship with money (based on scarcity), and because they think it’s impossible to get the right money from the right investor. We’ve all been scared, embarrassed and confused when we don’t know how to take the next step, but that shouldn’t stop us from pursuing our intentions of scaling our companies with OTHER people’s money (OPM).

The only thing that’s stopping us from attaining the funding are our LIMITING BELIEFS.  Once we get past our fears, we can properly position our business and our team to talk to the most relevant investors in our market.

What the ecosystem needs now, more than ever, are motivated individuals empowered with the knowledge and skills to fundraise and LEAD. It needs people who are not just interested in taking money, but interested in building investable ventures that create value.

Are you completely financially abundant? Are you working on an idea or business that generates revenue every day? Are you in control of your business finances, of your own finances? Have you completely eliminated all financial fears and worries from your life?

Are you so excited about your work, that retirement or holidays or breaks seem meaningless to you?

Do you have balance in your life, in all dimensions of being an entrepreneur?

Are you fully tapped into your ability to engage and influence others and the ability to shift the outcome of your future and the future of your business?

If not, you’re robbing yourself of the success you have the ability to experience… and you’re robbing the ecosystem of the fully empowered and successful entrepreneur that you have the potential to be. The truth is, most people cannot answer yes to all of the questions above, and this is why we created Be Investable.

Additionally, you will receive insight and wisdom from some of the greatest entrepreneurial minds on the planet...